Regarding Professional Spiritual Critics


I once heard a young man tell my pastor that he came to Jesus in the desert. He said,“I was just out there, thinking about life and stuff,  and it’s like God showed up through nature and told me He was there, and He wanted me to know it.” God revealed the need for repentance and salvation. The young man knew then that he must give his life to Christ. Hence “the reason why I’m sitting in this tub of water.” Further obedience.

My pastor remarked, “Just goes to show you don’t have to be in church to get saved.”

There are a lot of people out there who want to make the Bible, and therefore God, say a lot of things He doesn’t. Others like to deny the obvious things He does say. I ‘m not sure exactly why people do such things...

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Talkin’ About Sex

alin-and-adrianas-wedding-22.jpgDown here in the South, certain circles especially, we don’t make any qualms about what we think of gay “marriage,” or anything gay for that matter: it’s wrong. If you’ve stuck to your guns when asked in the open long enough, then you’ve undoubtedly heard someone retort said declaration with, “Wrong according to whom?” I usually reply that it’s wrong according to God. (Sometimes, when it’s someone I’ve never discussed my faith with up to this point, the conversation will go into one of several directions, but ultimately all similar directions people who are unconvinced of the validity of God’s Word always tend to go.)

Many people agree. Homosexual behavior is wrong according to the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, the God that came on earth as Jesus...

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The Free Myth




The Free Myth


The idea of “free stuff” is a disservice to those who think goods or services should be free, and to anyone who makes a living making goods or providing services. 

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Easter Thoughts


Easter is the celebration of the risen, presently and fully-alive man-God Jesus.

God’s haters may scoff and others may revel in statistics indicating the “death of God.” Some may grin and bathe at the thought of a brave new world without God. It doesn’t matter. One’s denial of gravity does not mean he can jump and be spared a splattering.

God is alive and well

People are worried. Every day there’s some zealous anti-God organization trying to stop people from praying in public and mentioning Jesus. This isn’t anything new for the Church. For most of its 2,000 year history the Church has lived under attack...

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The Problem With Thinking

lion storm pic

There usually isn’t one. For the most part, the problem is the opposite: not enough people think enough.

A friend and I are working on a project. As part of the project he told me the story of how he took a very big risk– the kind of risk that had cost many people their lives.

“What were you thinking at the time?” I asked him. “Weren’t you scared? You didn’t even know what exactly was on the other side!”

“I wasn’t thinking. I pushed all thoughts aside, ran for my life and didn’t look back,” he told me.

The subject of grit has been popping up all over the place:from the mouth of the deejay, in the morning paper, spelled out in the whip cream on my latte, on the Stop sign.


I think there is a time to think–a time to make some decisions– and after that, it’s time to dou...

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My Second Fight


The first time I got in a fight–my brothers notwithstanding– was in sixth grade. His name was Daniel. I don’t remember what triggered the scrap, but I do remember trying really hard to keep my head from being bounced off the concrete bathroom wall. Needless to say, I didn’t walk out victorious that day.

My next fight didn’t happen until tenth grade. It was an arranged brawl. Someone told me a guy I barely knew, Tom, was talking “smack” about me. He used a slang term usually utilized to indicate a vital female reproductive organ as a substitute for my name. I didn’t ask why, nor did I find it odd that someone who I’d never actually had a conversation with saw me in such an unfavorable light. I was fifteen.

“What ‘r ya gonna do, Dragu?” I was asked by the news couriers...

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The Problem with Rudy


Rudy is a movie about a young man named Rudy Ruettiger who  grows up in Joliet, Illinois, where he dreams of playing college football at the University of Notre Dame.

When I was in high school I used to have aspirations of playing professional basketball. Those who know me are probably laughing out loud. I am laughing with you. You’re right. Me playing professional basketball is as ridiculous and unlikely as Kanye West reading a novel. I am 5’10 and 150 lbs., soaking wet and wearing a bear hide. My eye-hand coordination is best illustrated by telling you about the time I poked myself in the eye when I tried to slip my glasses on.

The problem is the story of Rudy Ruettiger encourages people to be ridiculous. 

I know someone–a fairly nice person– who used to dream of being a musicia...

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The Trouble With Emotions

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Regarding public worship, I’ve often heard that emotions are dangerous. They are dangerous because they trick people into a counterfeit salvation– decisions made under the influence of emotional experiences are misconstrued for logical and lasting ones. They–emotions– must never be taken seriously.

Here’s what I think happened to give ‘ol boy Emotions such a bad name. A bad man or two attended an emotionally-charged church service. He broke down, cried his eyes out, lifted his hands, and decided to give his life to Jesus. A few weeks later he had a bad day at the factory. After work he went on a drinking binge and then he came home, where he yelled at his kids and slapped his wife...

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The Dead-End Church


A friend recently visited his old church home for a special occasion. Among good and not-so-good things he relayed to me about his visit, he said some people told him that “things are not as good as they used to be,” and that  it’s because he left said church. It’s your fault.

I am very familiar with this church. It’s analogous to a dead-end job. Not dead-end by nature, but dead-end by choice. A dead-end church goes nowhere, literally and metaphorically.  As a result, the employees of a dead-end church usually remain stagnant as well. 

From what I understand, there are many dead-end churches. At one time I would’ve gone so far as to have agreed with many church culture talking heads who claim most churches in the U.S. are dead. But I’m not entirely sure about that today...

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Let Atheists Play Too

cbd9cfb060cf5cb8bf3b51b9febd45c9The group American Atheists is not happy. Why? Because Georgia state park cabins contain donated Bibles ( ). They want the Bibles gone. Governor Deal told American Atheists to go pester someone else ‘cause it ain’t happening. The atheist organization then replied that they would settle for being allowed to display their literature in Georgia state cabins in addition to the Bibles. The governor said he had no problem with that.

As a Christian I understand why some people may have a problem with effortless access to anti-God literature. Since anything contrary to biblical principles leads to an eternal life void of the presence of God, why escort believers to hell?

But I don’t have a problem...

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