Easter Thoughts


It doesn’t matter if someone will try and convince you that the root word for “Easter” may have something to do with some obscure, dead pagan god, or pink bunny rabbits and colored eggs.

Easter is the celebration of the risen man-God Jesus… who is fully Alive.

God’s haters may scoff and others may revel in statistics indicating the “death of God.” They may grin and bathe in their vision of a brave new world without God. It doesn’t matter. One’s denial of gravity does not mean he can jump and be spared a splattering.

God is alive and well

This isn’t the first time the Church has been attacked. In fact, for most of its 2,000 year history the Church has been under attack...

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The Problem With Thinking

lion storm pic

There usually isn’t one. For the most part, the problem is the opposite: not enough people think enough.

A friend and I are working on a project. As part of the project he told me the story of how he took a very big risk. A type of risk which had cost many people their lives. What were you thinking at the time? I asked him. Weren’t you scared? You didn’t even know what exactly was on the other side?

“I wasn’t thinking. I pushed all thoughts aside, ran for my life and didn’t look back,” he told me.

The subject of grit has been popping up all over the place; from the mouth of the deejay, in the morning paper, spelled out in the whip cream on my latte, on the stop sign.


I think there is a time to think- a time to make some decisions- and after that, it’s time to double...

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Reasoning Like Slaves



“Reasoning Like Slaves”


I tried not to get too worked up. I think I succeeded. 

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Another Flawed Liberal Assumption



“Another Flawed Liberal Assumption”


I actually like the person who inspired this post. It’s just that she’s wrong.

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My Second Fight


The first time I got in a fight- my brothers notwithstanding- was in sixth grade. His name was Daniel. I don’t remember what triggered the scrap, but I do remember trying really hard to keep my head from being bounced off the concrete bathroom wall. Needless to say, I didn’t walk out victorious that day.

My next fight didn’t happen until tenth grade. It was a scheduled brawl. Someone told me a guy I barely knew, Tom, was talking “smack” about me. He used a slang term usually utilized to indicate a vital female reproductive organ, as a substitute for my name. I didn’t ask why, nor did I find it odd that someone who I’d never actually had a conversation with saw me in such an unfavorable light. We were sixteen.

“What ‘r ya gonna do Dragu?” I was asked by the news bearers...

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Real-Life Democrat Excuses Obamacare with Bush Iraq War



Real-Life Democrat Excuses Obamacare with Bush Iraq War


I hope the co-worker who made the statement which is the premise of this rant doesn’t take it too personal…if he ever reads it. But some things are just too good not to share.

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Huff Post Religious Leader Columnist Deems Shutdown Immoral



“Huff Post Religious Leader Columnist Deems Shutdown Immoral”


Nobody is as talented as the Huffington Post at finding religious leaders to echo whatever agenda they are pushing at the time. Here is just a glimpse in the quack they found to say the government shutdown was unbiblical.

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The Power Twins



“The Power Twins”


A little inspirational fluff in an attempt to hide my personal glee without being too transparent is exactly what happened here. It’s long- far too long- for Patch readers, but I was too selfish to care about that.

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Liberal Ideology: A Societal Disease



“Liberal Ideology: A Societal Disease”


I wrote this after drinking my bulldog juice.

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The Right Kind of Discrimnination



“The Right Kind of Discrimination”


My Take on section 5 of the Voting Rights Act being struck down.

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